Four Factors That Will Affect How Effective Your Laser Hair Removal Session Is

Posted on: 13 May 2016

Most people need more than one laser hair removal treatment in order to experience the effects they desire. Some people need two or three while others need seven or eight. Understanding what factors influence how effective laser hair treatment is – and therefore how many treatments you'll need in total – can help you get the results you desire in as few sessions as possible.

Hair Color and Texture

The laser is attracted to melanin, which is the pigment in your hair. Darker, coarser hair has more melanin, which means that the laser treatment is more effective for dark-haired people. If you have light brown or blonde hair, you'll need more treatments than someone with darker hair simply because the laser hits your hair with less strength. But don't worry; if you pay close attention to the remaining factors in this article, you can reduce the number of sessions you need even if you do have blonde hair.

Avoiding Tweezing or Waxing

Your dermatologist will advise you not to wax or tweeze for several weeks before your laser hair removal treatment. The better you are at adhering to these instructions, the more effective each treatment will be. The laser will not focus and work on a hair follicle that is "empty" because you tweezed a hair out of it. Try to go at least 6 weeks without tweezing or waxing before your laser hair removal appointment. If you can bear to go a full 2 months, this is even better.

Shaving Close

You'll be asked to shave before your appointment. This is not for modesty – it's because the laser will focus on the follicles beneath the skin a lot better if there are not hairs protruding above the skin's surface. The cleaner and more thorough this shaving session, the better your results will be. Use a brand new, multi-blade razor with plenty of shaving cream to ensure a close shave. Shave when you're warm and with warm water – you'll get smoother, more even results. Make sure you shave as close to your appointment as possible, too.

Skin Condition

Laser hair removal does cause some skin irritation. If your dermatologist sees that an area is already irritated or dry when you come in for your treatment, he or she will probably leave treating that area for the next appointment – which will likely lead to the need for more total appointments overall. Keep your skin in good shape by regularly using a soothing moisturizer. Wear sunscreen when you go outside, and avoid any sprays or cosmetics that cause skin irritation. If your skin is in great shape for your laser hair removal appointment, you'll have better, more thorough results.