Body Acne? What You Can Do

Posted on: 26 October 2020

Acne on your face can make you feel self-conscious, but so can acne on your body. When you have acne on your back, arms, chest, or shoulders, it can make you feel self-conscious as well. You may want to keep your body covered or feel like you can't wear certain types of clothing because of your acne. Body acne is a common skin issue that can affect anyone. To help treat your body acne, read on for helpful tips.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Tight clothing may end up causing your acne in the first place. If you are wearing clothing that isn't breathable, or is too tight and causes friction, it may lead to your acne. Your skin isn't able to breathe and your clothing is causing the moisture to be held in and against the skin, especially when the fabric isn't breathable. Wear clothing that is loose-fitting and also clothing that helps wick away sweat from your body.

Slough Off Dead Skin Cells

The dead skin cells on your body may be clogging your pores and leading to your acne. Slough off these dead cells using either a dry brush or you can use a loofah to remove the dead skin cells. Do this when you shower, or just before getting into the shower. Your body loses skin cells often, but when they cling to the skin or are stuck in the pores, your clogged pores will produce more oils and you end up with acne. Take care of the dead skin cells and clear up your skin.


You may think that moisturizing will cause you further acne, but if you are getting acne because of dry skin, you should moisturize to help prevent it. Acne on the body can be caused when your skin is too dry and your skin produces extra oils. You then end up with acne in these areas. Moisturize with a body moisturizer that is creamy and keeps the skin well-hydrated and nourished.

Make Healthy Changes

Your diet could be to blame for your body acne. Be sure you are eating a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meat/dairy in your diet. Skip greasy foods and stop eating from fast-food restaurants, opting instead for food you make at home and healthier foods. Other changes you should make is drinking more water and exercising daily as well. Sweating can help clear out your pores and can improve your skin.

If you have body acne, don't keep your body covered. Make changes to improve your skin and visit your dermatologist for treatment if you can't clear up your skin. Contact a dermatology center, such as Desert Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists