• Options To Treat Your Ice-Pick Scarring

    If you have gotten over acne, you may be pleased to have clear skin but disappointed with any depressions in the skin tissue. Sunken pits on the skin, or ice-pick scars, can thankfully be minimized or eliminated with cosmetic dermatology. Here are some options to consider. Fat Transfers Officially called microlipo-injections, this procedure is where a dermatologist takes fat cells from another area of the body and uses them on the scar tissue.
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  • Two Reasons Why You Should Start Getting Skin-Rejuvenation Treatments

    As you grow older, you may start to notice some changes in the way that your skin appears. You may find a few more fine lines and wrinkles, and the youthful sheen that you once had may not shine as brightly as before. While you may think this is all a part of the aging process and that there's nothing you can do about it, you could be mistaken. Skin-rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels could hold the key to helping you retain beautiful skin for a longer period of time.
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